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Florida Hustle

In 1980s Florida, an aspiring filmmaker, obsessed with a B-movie scream queen, flees his family’s Palm Beach mansion, teams up with an aging con man and his ambitious girlfriend and heads to a film set in the Everglades, only to find himself mired in a swamp of competing cons and hustles.

“An irrepressible Florida frolic”

Kirkus – starred review

“A new, wholly original voice you won’t want to miss.” 

Jane Heller, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

Islands of Cedars

Exactly 100 years after the tragic destruction of Rosewood, Florida, a descendant of the Carter family, a descendant of a Seminole Indian matriarch, and the son of a local KKK group form an unlikely alliance to bring peace to the ghosts of the past and begin to change the patterns of history.
“This novel is a story of this complicatedly entangled country and community called ‘America’ — with its natural beauty and its stark humanity, its lights, and shadows, the violence, and agony both hidden and exposed, but also the grace, the consolations, and hopes for redemption.”
Ruben L.F. Habito, Zen Master/Author, Dallas, TX

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The Vintage St Pete Series by Bill DeYoung

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