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Caravan of Specters

Carlos García Saúl

It is 1898, the Spanish-American War is raging in the Caribbean, and the US Army is in the process of seizing Puerto Rico from the Spanish Empire. 24-year-old medical graduate Lieutenant Bailey Ashford has just been assigned to the invasion force’s Medical Corps. Lieutenant Ashford quickly realizes that an ugly and utterly mysterious force is hard at work against an idyllic backdrop of majestic mountains and breathtaking tropical beauty. A bizarre malady is mercilessly affecting an overwhelming majority of the native jibaro people and slowly robbing them of their lives.

Faced with an urgent, pervasive medical emergency, the charismatic and resourceful Ashford must draw upon all his cunning and medical knowledge to conquer the pandemic before it completely devastates the island. Based on true events, this is a tale of medical mystery, the tireless struggle to decipher the riddle, and the final restoration of an island nation to its lost destiny.

Martinis & Manicures

Gord Hume

A series of bombings disrupts a vital new high-rise development, turbulent lies and leaks take their toll at city hall, and explosive action in a seniors’ residence mean more thrills and excitement.

Hilarious situations intersect with dramatic and exciting action in another fast-paced and highly enjoyable read from the “Samantha and the Sheriff” series. The Florida Gulf Coast is once again a steamy brew of intrigue, shocking murders, sizzling relationships and quirky characters. Samantha and her two girlfriends are thrown into this maelstrom, and even Rosie, the loveable dog, can’t help Samantha when she finds herself in the Sheriff’s doghouse.

Torches & Trouble

Gord Hume

The romances get steamier, the dangers get riskier, and suddenly, Samantha and the Sheriff are facing two crises.

A group of right-wing political nuts have dreamed up a plan to hold downtown Port Manatee hostage and embarrass the city. At the same time, a vicious drug and sex trafficking ring has begun a local crime spree. Sheriff Perkins must take a big gamble on executing a daring raid on the waterfront mansions of two local celebrities to uncover hidden evidence. Samantha and her Sheriff are once again fighting the bad guys and trying to stay out of hot water in this latest “Samantha and the Sheriff” adventure. And, loveable Rosie is back, with her usual demands for tasty snacks and tummy rubs.

Another View From My Deck:
Haikus Inspired By Nature

Timothy Huff

The author invites you to join him on his continuing journey of simple daily haikus inspired by nature. The author’s own garden inspires daily observations of the simplistic beauty of plants, insects, and birds.

This wonderful new collection of haiku picks up where the first book left off.

Blind Squirrel

Dave Mishkin

A moving story of family, loss, love, and hope.

Noah Nicholson has a gift. He is blessed with extraordinary hand-eye coordination. This gift has helped him build a successful career as a minor-league hockey player. But Noah is damaged; his parents died in a car accident when he was twelve, and he has dealt with mental health issues ever since. It’s only after Noah loses his gift in a career-ending injury that he is able to begin the healing process. Readers will meet indelible characters: Noah’s mother, cerebral and mentally tough; his good-natured, even-keeled father; his crusty grandmother, who has a soft spot for Boston’s sports teams; his effervescent, talented, Russian-born teammate, who becomes Noah’s mentee; an orange cat whose meow doesn’t have an ‘m’; an eleven-year-old girl who looks like Pippi Longstocking; and the pediatric dentist with a sense of humor and a crooked smile who makes her way past Noah’s defenses and captures his heart. Then, of course, there is Noah himself. Smart, selfless, and silently struggling. We cheer for Noah, but unlike the fans who come to watch him play, it is not in appreciation of his singular, one-of-a-kind gift. Instead, we cheer for Noah because he is plainly, ordinarily human.

Open Mic For Animals:
Evidential Fairy Tails

Shannon Spring

Open Mic For Animals: Evidential Fairy Tails details the bewitching escapades of Shannon Spring, a professional Animal Communicator and Psychic Medium. Fearless, funny, and feral, Shannon hands an ethereal microphone to animals worldwide and invites them to share their wisdom, wit, and what they need people to know. After hitting rock bottom, Shannon cleaned up her life’s litter box and became unstoppable in her mission to help “Any Species, Any Challenge, Anywhere!”

Like Sleeping Beauty, Shannon awakened with a kiss – but from the animal kingdom, not a prince. A peppy shelter dog, a sociopathic tiger, a flirty fish, and a host of party animals gave Shannon back her voice, and she’s returning the favor. Shannon’s spiritual safari is told through magical tales so unbelievable … readers only need to ask if they believe in the magic of animals. Interspecies healing and laughter reign in this paw-paved path to freedom and fun. OPEN MIC offers something for everyone to love, for skeptics to heckle, and for animals to chew on. Magic awaits …

Midnight Climax:
A Kats Takemoto Novel

Peter Kageyama

Kats Takemoto, the nisei private detective from Hunters Point, returns to investigate the murder of a young Chinese girl, killed in a covert CIA brothel in the heart of San Francisco. Her family, members of a Tong, a powerful Chinatown gang, demand vengeance that threatens to start an all-out war in Chinatown unless Kats can discover the truth behind the slaying.

Along the way he will discover a personal connection to the suspected killer, a fellow veteran who was tortured and experimented on, turning him into a lethal weapon and a ticking bomb. Kats and his friends race to find this soldier before the government and the rival Tong gangs spiral into more bloodshed.

Celebrating Vintage St. Pete Volume 3

Front cover only
Limited Edition Hardcover

Bill DeYoung continues his guided tour of the past!

This third volume takes another long, loving, deeply nostalgic look at life in Florida’s fastest-growing city before the dawn of the twenty-first century.

Front Cover
Paperback and Hardcover
full cover 11.18
Now Available in Paperback

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