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Japanese American. Nisei. Internee. War hero. Private Detective.

Katsuhiro, ‘Kats’ Takemoto is a war hero turned private detective in the exploding metropolis of San Francisco in 1958. Drawn into a deadly cover-up, Kats investigates the US Navy, the west coast organized crime families and the Beat art scene of North Beach in search of the truth that hides in the dark, cold waters of San Francisco Bay.
“The knockout first entry in Kageyama’s detective series starring Kats Takemoto… Arresting plotting and suspense, Hunters Point becomes a vital vessel to illuminate the past and those who lived there. This stellar San Francisco noir novel boasts rich characterization and a vital connection to the past.”
– Editor’s Pick, Booklife by Publishers Weekly
“Well researched… immersive setting… striking cameos. A fun and captivating historical noir.”
– Kirkus Reviews
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Graphic: The Novel

“All I would have to do is roll once, twice, maybe three times, and I could roll right into the grave with her.  That’s all I would have to do.  And I remember thinking two things as I lay in the grass by the bar contemplating joining my wife.  First, that it was probably a good thing I didn’t let that woman hug me.  And second, that I didn’t think I ever could feel as bad as I felt on that day.  Little did I know how much worse it was going to get.”
Keven Renken’s sophomore novel, has something for everyone. It has love. It has loss. It has murder. It has mayhem. There might be superheroes. There might be vampires. There might be fairy tales. There might be children in peril. There might be a guy on a cross. There might be giants (Nope. Sorry. Just kidding about that last one.) There is a lot of contemplation of the mysteries of the universe. There is lots and lots of love directed toward one particular swear word. GRAPHIC is a novel that wishes to be a graphic novel. It is a graphic novel that dreams of being a novel. Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

From the Author of Ms. Flora and the Squirrel

The lines between fiction and reality blur in Chaim Freiberg’s newest collection of short stories. Romance, passion, and love bring the storylines and characters of the world’s favorite operas colliding with the drama of the opera stars’ real lives in Lily Flowers Finds Love and Other Tales of Pasion.

Government careers aren’t for the weak at heart.

Roller Coasters, Revolving Doors and Reflux was created as a guide for those considering a career in Public Service and those who have already answered the call. Al Braithwaite has created a compendium of advice for organizations and Public Servants, from his 37 years of personal experience.
“[Al Braithwaite] clarifies the complexity and challenges inherent in
today’s public service, and the need for careful reflection to determine
if this is the best fit for those considering a career in public
service. His 28 rules to live by are really thoughtful principles… that
will help the current and future generations of public servants succeed.
This reflection of a lifelong career experience and copious advice for
those new to, and considering public service…effectively highlights the
need to serve the public interest for the common good.”
 – Dr. Stephen Aikins, Associate Professor in the School of Public Affairs at the University of South Florida


Finally – a modern acting method that cuts to the chase of what actors really need to unleash their acting genius! The groundbreaking Act ALIVE approach, will give you the tools to quickly bring your skills to the next level. This is the essential book for anyone serious about working in today’s TV and film industry!

“Andi Matheny has inspired countless students with her acting methods, and now this books will give actors everywhere her valuable information.”

Joseph Restaino, PGA – Producer of Pig, Lady of the Manor, Fear of Rain; Executive Producer Passing

“Every actor needs to read this book, to get them started and to sustain them throughout their career.” 

Kim Zubrick – Producer of Togo, The Zookeeper’s Wife, License to Wed

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