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Lion of Fire: Riley Jordan and the Fire Prophecies Book 1

Riley Jordan, a college senior, goes from “least likely to succeed” to the world’s most dangerous wizard. After uncovering a plot to destroy humankind, Riley is plagued by dark visions of destruction involving an unsuspecting human girl he just met named Emma Clark, who he can’t get out of his head. Struggling to control his powers, Riley and his three best friends must portal-hop between magical realms to fight the darkness and discover the truth. Now, with graduation and Armageddon looming, Riley must face his own fears and learn how to protect those he loves before it’s too late.
Lion of Fire will take you on your own journey of self-discovery and make you face the reality of one simple truth – we can let others define us, or we can be the hero in our own story. Riley Jordan will make you believe there is a hero in all of us.

Days of Fear: A Lynching in St. Petersburg

Days of Fear exposes the shocking story of a gruesome 1914 murder in St. Petersburg, Florida and the calculated lynching of the Black man accused.
Who killed Frank Sherman with a shotgun blast inches from his head? What in the restless photographer’s life led to his bloody end? And why did powerful men decide John Evans had to die for the crime?
This book explores true-crime events buried for decades. Days of Fear describes in detail St. Petersburg as it existed more than a century ago – a growing waterfront community particularly comfortable for white people but often difficult for Black people.  It tells a grim story the authors hope is relevant to the twenty-first century’s periodic mob violence and domestic terrorism.

An Extra Life: 8 Minutes in Heaven with My Father

An Extra Life is an inspiring story of love and miraculous rebirths. It is a gripping firsthand account of Fabio’s near-death experiences and his battle against a widow-maker heart attack that less than 10% survive. The absolute light in Heaven gives him the ability to relive, through his father Sergio, an epic family saga — from escaping an orphanage to enlisting in the Navy, miraculously surviving being shot out of a torpedo tube from a sinking submarine during World War II, outrunning thugs in a shootout car chase in Venezuela, and arm-wresting Fidel Castro in Cuba. Fabio follows his father through a life full of adventure and danger. And yet, despite facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Sergio never gave up, and neither does Fabio. 
Told with heart, Fabio’s debut novel is rich in insights into the magical beauty of life, the extraordinary in ordinary things, the existence of angels and heroes inside and around us, and the value of time. _An Extra Life_provides the reader with a renewed sense of hope and healing and the key to overcoming even the greatest of challenges, enjoying life to the fullest, and chasing one’s dreams without hesitation.

Celebrating Vintage St. Pete Volume 3

Front cover only
Limited Edition Hardcover

Bill DeYoung continues his guided tour of the past!

This third volume takes another long, loving, deeply nostalgic look at life in Florida’s fastest-growing city before the dawn of the twenty-first century.

Front Cover
Paperback and Hardcover
full cover 11.18
Now Available in Paperback

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