An Extra Life: 8 Minutes in Heaven with My Father

By Fabio Dal Boni

An Extra Life is an inspiring story of love and miraculous rebirths. It is a gripping firsthand account of Fabio’s near-death experiences and his battle against a widow-maker heart attack that less than 10% survive. The absolute light in Heaven gives him the ability to relive, through his father Sergio, an epic family saga — from escaping an orphanage to enlisting in the Navy, miraculously surviving being shot out of a torpedo tube from a sinking submarine during World War II, outrunning thugs in a shootout car chase in Venezuela, and arm-wresting Fidel Castro in Cuba. Fabio follows his father through a life full of adventure and danger. And yet, despite facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Sergio never gave up, and neither does Fabio.

Told with heart, Fabio’s debut novel is rich in insights into the magical beauty of life, the extraordinary in ordinary things, the existence of angels and heroes inside and around us, and the value of time. An Extra Lifeprovides the reader with a renewed sense of hope and healing and the key to overcoming even the greatest of challenges, enjoying life to the fullest, and chasing one’s dreams without hesitation.


Meet the Author

Fabio Dal Boni


Fabio Dal Boni is a journalist, a writer, an artist, and above all, he is a positive and genuine man. Born in Italy and raised in Latin America, after traveling the world extensively, Fabio now lives in Sarasota, Florida where he runs AlexArt International Fine Art Gallery with his wife. He is a three-time recipient of Best Communicator of the Year award in Italy and Top Selling Artist at Miami Basel Art Week. Read more on

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