Graphic: The Novel

By Keven Renken

GRAPHIC: THE NOVEL, Keven Renken’s sophomore novel, has something for everyone. It has love. It has loss. It has murder. It has mayhem. There might be superheroes. There might be vampires. There might be fairy tales. There might be children in peril. There might be a guy on a cross. There might be giants (Nope. Sorry. Just kidding about that last one.) There is a lot of contemplation of the mysteries of the universe. There is lots and lots of love directed toward one particular swear word. GRAPHIC is a novel that wishes to be a graphic novel. It is a graphic novel that dreams of being a novel. Abandon hope all ye who enter here.


Meet the Author

Keven Renken


KEVEN RENKEN has lived quite a while.
He’s seen some things.
He’s written some stuff.
This isn’t his autobiography.
But it could be.

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