Paint & Poetry: An Ekphrastic Journey

By Terry Brett & Chip Webster

Join artist Terry Brett and poet Chip Webster on a journey to challenge and inspire each other with this collaboration of visual art and the written word. Poet and artist take turns daring each other to interpret the other’s work. Can you determine which came first, the poem or the painting?



Meet the Authors

Terry Brett & Chip Webster

Artist and Poet

Terry Brett – A native of St. Petersburg, FL, Terry comes from a family of artists. His grandmother Ruth Willbrand, was an award-winning artist of distinction, painting figurative and abstract art during the mid-century period. Her daughter and Terry’s mother, Gail Willbrand Brett, was an accomplished portrait painter.

Terry studied with Melissa Christiano and Luis de la Lama. His earlier work, focusing on impressionistic urban city scapes, was inspired by Colin Campbell Cooper, Guy Wiggins, and Paul Cornoyer. Terry’s more recent larger, abstract pieces are influenced by Franz Kline, Willem deKooning, and Mark Rothko. His large black and white compositions have the feel of immediacy and power. Terry held a One Man Show at Interior Motives Gallery in 2012. In 2016 his Blunt Force show at ARTicles Gallery featured his large black and white compositions. In 2019, his Iconic Renaissance show at the Morean Arts Center featured his most recent creations, gold leaf mosaic paintings ranging from the spiritual to the mythic. He exhibits at Leslie Curran Gallery, ARTicles in St. Petersburg, The Red Herring in Tampa, and Canvas Fashion Gallery in St. Petersburg and Hyde Park, Tampa. Terry is a past Chairman of the Morean Arts Center, and lives in St. Petersburg.


Chip Webster was born in California and currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida. Chip resisted poetry and writing for most of his life, until he was dragged off the basketball court to hear the poet David Whyte. It was a
transformational experience. He has since attended the David Whyte’s Invitas – The Foundations of Conversational Leadership course and has been on walking tours with David in Ireland and Italy. In addition, he has been coached by poet and author Dr. Heather Sellers. His first book “A PASSION FOR LIFE, Reflections From The Journey” is available at He graduated from Drake University and spent much of his career with Vistage, leading CEO peer forums both as a group Chair and eventually as President of Vistage Florida. He is a past recipient of the Vistage International Don Cope Memorial Award and co-founded TEC/Vistage Keepers of the Flame. He has two grown sons and is married to Dr. Debra Doud.


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