Vintage St. Pete & Pinellas Volume 3 – Paperback


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The third volume in the Vintage St. Pete series takes another long, loving, deeply nostalgic look at life in Florida’s fastest-growing city before the dawn of the twenty-first century. These lavishly-illustrated stories will strike a chord with anyone who’s ever called St. Petersburg, or Pinellas County, home. Here are the cherished traditions and legends: The annual Festival of States parade, fancy dinners at the world-famous Kapok Tree Inn and one-of-a-kind casual restaurants The Penguin and Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish. Hometown heroes like organ-playing comedian Lenny Dee, beloved newspaper columnist Dick Bothwell and Tom Reese, the eccentric master of ceremonies at the uber-bohemian Beaux Arts Gallery; media icons Salty Sol, Ernie Lee, Shock Armstrong and the rest of the “WTVT Big 13” gang (the top-rated local TV station for 25 years). The whole historic saga of Tarpon Springs, once the world’s sponge-diving capital; behind the scenes of Dolphin Tale, Spring Breakers, The Strange One and other Hollywood movies filmed in town … so much rich, entertaining local history you won’t read about anywhere else, in 25 all-new chapters!