"Samantha and the Sheriff" Series

By Gord Hume

Beautiful Samantha Summers flees a New York City winter after her bitter divorce and ends up in a small city along the Gulf Coast of Florida. Her hilarious adventures while confronting quirky characters and a different social structure in her new condo complex are complicated. Forced into a new world of murder, corruption, and intrigue, she and her two new best friends must become amateur detectives to help the Sheriff solve crimes in the beautiful tourist town.

Fans of this series have enthusiastically embraced “Samantha and the Sheriff,” their daring adventures and their intense, sometimes tempestuous, love affair. And reader response has made it clear that Rosie, their dog, has become a beloved part of the stories. The books are funny, fast-paced and hilarious. A humorous take on politics and society today.  Great beach reads!

A magnificent pink diamond necklace worth a fortune.  A new Asian crypto-currency.  Two smooth-talking con artists who abscond with millions.

Samantha and her Sheriff are quickly thrust into the mysteries of the Orient when their relentless pursuit of the crooks who stole from their friends takes them to Singapore. Then a desperate chase through Amsterdam Airport leads to more shocking twists and turns. It all ends in a thunderous climax.  In this “Samantha and the Sheriff” adventure, the usual wild and crazy bunch of Florida characters and the intrigues of city hall politics provide a sharp contrast to the rigid society of Singapore as Samantha navigates the treacherous waters of international crime. 

A series of bombings disrupts a vital new high-rise development, turbulent lies and leaks take their toll at city hall, and explosive action in a seniors’ residence mean more thrills and excitement.

Hilarious situations intersect with dramatic and exciting action in another fast-paced and highly enjoyable read from the “Samantha and the Sheriff” series. The Florida Gulf Coast is once again a steamy brew of intrigue, shocking murders, sizzling relationships and quirky characters. Samantha and her two girlfriends are thrown into this maelstrom, and even Rosie, the loveable dog, can’t help Samantha when she finds herself in the Sheriff’s doghouse.

The romances get steamier, the dangers get riskier, and suddenly, Samantha and the Sheriff are facing two crises.

A group of right-wing political nuts have dreamed up a plan to hold downtown Port Manatee hostage and embarrass the city. At the same time, a vicious drug and sex trafficking ring has begun a local crime spree. Sheriff Perkins must take a big gamble on executing a daring raid on the waterfront mansions of two local celebrities to uncover hidden evidence. Samantha and her Sheriff are once again fighting the bad guys and trying to stay out of hot water in this latest “Samantha and the Sheriff” adventure. And, loveable Rosie is back, with her usual demands for tasty snacks and tummy rubs.

Meet the Author

Gord Hume

Gord Hume is the creator of the popular “Samantha and the Sheriff” adventures which has generated an enthusiastic readership in North America and beyond. He is also the author of seven non-fiction books on building better cities and improving communities. The books have been highly popular amongst municipal leaders in more than 22 countries around the world.

Gord has been a sought-after keynote speaker at major conferences in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and New Zealand. He was elected to London City Council four times. He has enjoyed an award-winning career in broadcasting; founded a newspaper; and been a leader in many civic, charitable and community foundations and organizations.

Gord loves exploring the culture, cuisine and history of people and nations around the world. He has visited nearly forty countries during his life-long passion for new adventures and experiences. Gord now shares his time between London, Ontario and St. Pete Beach, Florida, where he continues a busy schedule of writing and doing media commentary on current affairs.

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