The Year of Extraordinary Travel

By Becca McCoy

Between September 2018 and August 2019, Becca McCoy traveled to 8 states in the US and 7 other countries with 5 different travel companions and sometimes alone. THE YEAR OF EXTRAORDINARY TRAVEL contains short tales and hundreds of photos celebrating the relationship-deepening, horizon-expanding, joy-inducing nature of travel, and the beauty of our diverse earth and common humanity.

“McCoy shares with us the memory of travel, travel in solitude and camaraderie.  She reminds us of the joy of being around the ones we love and experiencing new discoveries.  Her photos are well-thought out yet filled with the emotion of seeing things for the first time and seeing things for the first time alone.

With a love for excellent food, nature and even the naughtier things in life, we journey along with Becca to places we wish we could go now, even if it means sleeping on a friend of a friend’s couch.” – Victoria Jorgensen, filmmaker

“Some people talk about life; other people live it.  Becca McCoy’s genre-defying book balances what was seen through her eyes with what she felt in her soul, crafting a visual love letter to the beauty and wonder we can experience when we are present and live in the moment.” – Temple Hayes, spiritual leader and author

Cover art by Justin Groom.



Meet the Author

Becca McCoy


Becca McCoy is an actor / singer / photographer, proud mom, and avid traveler.  She currently resides outside of Atlanta with her partner, artist Justin Groom, and their cats, Ivan and Bella.

Author photo by Brian Jones

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